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As you play your favorite apps, they take up ever more space on your memory, accumulating data in the cache and ultimately making your device run or open slower, which requires you to close other processes and delete data from your device. But with Game Booster, you can stop things from slowing down in a really simple way.

To open a game in boost mode, you just have to open Game Booster and tap once on the app. The app will automatically launch after deleting the cache, offering a better gaming experience. You can also open them in three different modes: battery saver mode; best performance, which helps you avoid problems with the game's speed; and offline mode, which deactivates your data plan so you don't use up your data allowance.

If you have a long list of apps and don't want to open them all in the same way, you can create your own list and assign each of them a different opening mode. This way, you can use Game Booster to access each app, avoiding the performance problems that they might cause individually.

Even though the app is especially designed for video games, as they consume the most resources, you can use Game Booster to open other everyday apps, too, and boost their performance.